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Prana Space is blogging....Who knew

Well, this is fun....there are a few things I've felt were worth saying about Prana Space & the energy that is created here, what aligns & what flows... what we're about & what we are happy to let go of.

Lets kick off with our name.

"Prana" means life force, therefore Prana Space is a Space of life force. I love this definition, this works....

I feel that Prana Space is not like a "yoga studio' we call ourselves a 'Healing & Yoga Space' that is as unique & individual as each and every unique & individual soul who walks through our door, which actually is unlike any usual 'door to a yoga studio' it is in fact a "portal of Love & Gratitude'........ so now you know!

Anyway, back to the unique and individual and beautiful soul that you are.... you see here at Prana Space we do not attain to 'fit in' 'fitting in' is not our aspiration, Far from it.

I'd be happy to know your thoughts on this subject, you see, I've been feeling more and more that 'fitting in' is the definition of 'abandoning yourself'.... think about it, if we are all completely unique & individual, with our very own individual & unique gifts, offerings, talents, triggers & ways of processing, then surely in order to "try' and fit in, we would need to suppress, repress & deny our individuality, whilst completely & utterly denying our inherent birth right to uniquely express ourselves in truth & authenticity. We would then need to 'try' to pretend to be 'normal', whatever the fuck normal is? surely normal is the most overrated phenomenon??!!

It is very important to me that we give ourselves permission to leave any desire to' fit in' outside the Prana Space door (or portal of Love & Gratitude!)

The truth is none of us truly fit in & neither should we want, or have to....

As a person with mixed heritage & also being adopted I have always felt that I really don’t fit in anywhere, then add to the mix my feeling that society is impossible to flow with without getting it wrong or constantly feeling judged for not doing or getting it right, or doing things that are considered weird and, or bizarre… being too much, too loud, untamed & wild & undisciplined or not enough, too quiet & sullen...

I guess we all have our reasons why we don’t fit in….

"haters gonna hate'

Which is why Prana Space has been so important to me from the start that EVERYONE is accepted, if they want to be.

EVERYone is exactly where they should be

EVERY sound is valid,

EVERY breath is healing,

EVERY movement is felt,

EVERY voice is heard,

EVERY heart is loved,

EVERYbody is seen…

EVERY soul is touched…

At Prana Space I belong

we belong.

You belong

End of…..

Please don't waste your precious energy dampening yourself down or dimming your light for fear of being too strange or unique or too much, if your light is too bright for others, that's on them, they can put sunglasses on!! and if someone elses light is too bright for you, ask yourself why you're not shining your light alongside theirs.... the brighter the light the further it can reach & the darkness is illuminated....

Prana Space embraces & accepts your individual, unique light...time for you to do the same...let it shine in all it's strange, weird & wonderful, authentic, glory

Welcome home beautiful unique & individual soul ...... I HONOUR YOU. 🧡

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