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Welcome & love to you...... We are Prana Space.

Prana Space is made up of a core group of Yoga teachers and other wonderful souls who believe in our ability to live our lives in strength & light & LOVE.. We believe in the innate power of our bodies to heal & serve us in alignment and optimum health.

We acknowledge the freedom in taking responsibility for our own lives & health, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

We offer serious quality Yoga classes, as well as workshops, ceremonies & courses, and are different enough in our styles to bring something of worth to you. 

We feel that we are & we offer something unique, unlike any "Yoga Studio' you may find anywhere else. Our driving force is simply LOVE.

Our main aim is to lead you to an unshaking self belief, to empower & enable you to heal yourself, access your inner strength, beauty, power & your own unique gifts and offerings. We want to see you living a life of optimum health, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

We believe health encompasses all of the above & you cannot reach full potential of the  incredible life you deserve without constantly looking after yourself.

Our physical space is moulded by the Prana Space family (or movement if you will!) that access it.

It is for the community & by the community.

Good to have you onboard.

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