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When: Thursday 4th of May @ 7-10 pm


Mexican Medicine Evening with Carlos Mundalah and Michelle Mayoora, with over 7 years and 250 ceremonies of facilitation experience.

Based on traditional mexican ritual, the ceremony starts by receiving an energetic cleanse, and opening of timespace. The intention is to accompany the participants through a profound personal process around a collective altar. We share a special and unique Cacao from the Lacandona jungle, fermented for 10 days.

Accompanied by live medicine music, we go deep into meditation with our inner child, bringing forgiveness and love to ourselves, to then express and expand it in a conscious dance called Danzawa. Our goal is to connect further with our spirit and nature, awakening love and personal power, embracing our voices and movements, coming together as one.
We finish with a self blessing and a sharing circle.


When: Friday 5th of May @ 6-8 pm


This is a safe space.

I will guide you through a journey within, tapping into the voice of your soul.


Through dance we strengthen our connection with the Divine.


Music curated to give you a seamless experience.


Dancing is a massive portal

Connecting one to the inter-dimensional and beyond.

Where your body stores emotional happenings and trauma, you can dance, move, and shake it out.

Find pockets of love and joy.

Find pockets of fear and sadness.

We must shake,create, vibrate!

sound healing.png

Anne and Anna have gained so much through expressing and healing through sound. The vibrations from the bowls and toning will reach you on a cellular level, giving your cells a nice little tune-up. Your experience may be something light and airy, or it could be something deep and intense. Everyone's experience is unique to them.


Join us for an interactive sound meditation journey like no other.  Unlike other sound baths, we encourage you to express alongside us through sound and movement, if you feel called to. Come and receive the abundance of sound. This is an invitation to receive. And if you feel called, this is an invitation to express. To feel it in your heart, body, and soul and we will guide you through the rest.

Space to be.


* Cacao circle

* Sound

* Expression

* Creation

* Connection

If you feel the call, come.


Sunday 7th May
Sunday 28th May
Sunday 25th June
Sunday 16th July 

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