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You are invited for an evening of reclaiming our inherent birthright of abundance, freedom, empowerment and luxury!

We are humbled & honoured to share another evening of all this love & high vibrational wonderfulness with you.


Lilli & Anna are again coming together to collaborate with this Taurus Full Moon Healing Circle..

On Tuesday the 8th of November we have a total lunar eclipse in Taurus. Taurus energy is all about stability, practicality, sensuality, earthly pleasures, abundance, luxury, beauty and comfort.

Have you been limiting your own abundance?

Have you been questioning and compromising on your worth?

Having you been ignoring your own value?

Have you been blocking yourself from expressing your truth and your sensuality?


The Full Moon is the time to release, realign and express. What is holding you back and how can you create space for the abundant, juicy, blissful life and manifestations you deserve to experience ?


We will be sharing & working stuff out together. Sharing is so healing… if you feel the call, come to our Full Moon Healing Circle at the magical soothing Prana Space.


We will be here with our open hearts, to share with you, shift with you, move with you, release with you, set intentions with you, laugh with you, maybe shed a tear or two, basically we are here to share, experience & heal …. & have a laugh, coz life can be a little serious sometimes too!


We’ve got you, you’ve got you! 🧡🧡🧡✨🧡


What the evening includes:


🧡- A Sacred smoke cleanse with Frankincense to cleanse off old stagnant energy and arrive peacefully to the space.


🧡- Opening the sharing circle- a safe, warm and healing space to connect with others and express your authentic truth in a non judgemental environment.


🧡- Information on the Full Moon in Taurus providing insight on the current energies and how best to work with them.


🧡- A throat opening / neck stretching movement sequence to stretch the neck and empower you to speak your truth.


🧡 -Self neck massage with special healing oil, infused with herbs , spices, prayers & beautiful intention, lovingly created by Lilli


🧡 -Powerful Guided Meditation.....


🧡- Letting Go, Releasing & burning of anything that is holding you back from living your best life.


🧡- A short Group Intuitive Reading-a chance to receive clarity, confirmation, guidance from the Divine.


🧡 -A chance for journaling & reflection


🧡- Closing the sharing circle in love :sharing any feelings and reflections with each other.

🧡- A light refreshement of dates, tahini and tea :)

This event will be held at Prana Space- a unique and intimate yoga and healing space located near Stratford Westfield's. The nearest stations are :Stratford which is a 7 minute walk and Marlyand which is 5 minute walk.


Address: 1 Windmill Lane, Stratford, London, E151PG


This will be a powerful time of connection, self love, empowerment, manifesting and healing. This is time to connect with yourself and honour your soul's truth in a warm and blissful environment


This circle will be held by Anna and Lilli, feel free to connect with us on Instagram





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WEDNESDAY 15th December 18:00-22:00

This is now sold out.....We did warn you!! 

There are still some places on the waiting list, but we will be doing it again...AND....Look out for a woman's healing sounds in January....atm we are thinking of January 19th....


Also all is not lost. Antarma will be launching his single LIVE on 11th December, here is the link..

He has super kindly offered us half price tickets.......

(If you would like 50% off the ticket price, email us for the link)

Next one is:

WEDNESDAY 23rd Feb 18:00-22:00

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Next one is: 

Sat 9th Apr • 12:30 - 14:30 MANDALA Workshop with Ciara

The Prana Space are very pleased to be able to offer a 2 hour Mandala yoga immersion class. 

On the first Saturday of every month we will be hosting a 2 hour in depth journey into Mandala. 

Mandala yoga is where you flow around the mat 360, creating patterns through linking asanas with the breath to channel deeply into the mind, body and soul. 

Each class will focus on a different element and chakra.


The 2 hour class will open with a meditation, followed by a yin led warm up to prepare the body for the class, before going into a full mandala sequence. 

We will allow time for you to practise any inversion, or tricky transitions, so play time basically if you choose to do so, followed by a yin sequence to close the body and mediation to focus the mind. 

Workshop is 2 hours 12:30-2:30pm in studio only.

£25 per person per workshop. 

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