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Prana Space is such a beautiful healing space, We don’t blame you for wanting to rent it, and if it aligns for you I know it will be a beautifully profound experience for you & all you choose to share healing with.  That said, it’s not ok for everyone & that’s ok too.


We do rent out our healing & yoga space.

However  it’s  important you know that our Divine, sovereign & sacred space has been borne completely & utterly from love & trust in the Divine & her Divine plan.


We feel & are deeply humbled & honoured to have been gifted the role of guardians to this home. This is a role that we take on with joy & gratitude & we are aware of the responsibility that lies within this undertaking. The energy of the space is magical & protected.


We also feel that everyone who steps foot into our space has been led to us, for us to hold space for them & their spiritual, physical & emotional needs as much as we can, and as much as they are prepared to meet with us.

Therefore,  when renting out our space the very least we ask is that we meet first to see if we align & also for you to see & feel Prana Space. This is imperative.


We have availability, and our rates are £40 an hour, with a fifteen minute set up & down time either side, plus a plant to grow with your & our abundance.  (Please choose carefully, you want it to flourish!) Or a lovely abundantly decent no messing candle, or an eye bag or two…ikr random… or anything that you feel deeply called to gift…. No plastic 🙏 only authenticity 🧡

We also ask that you provide a space for a guardian of our PranaSpace family

We are not a ‘business’ we are an abundant home.


We want to say right now… we have cups, mugs & glasses so we would ask you not to bring anything plastic with you. and all food you might bring is high vibrational, healing, healthy, VEGAN & alkaline…


If any of this resonates, please feel free to come along ….to a class, workshop or event to feel the vibe of the place & we can chat & come up with cunning plans…..


Here is a link to the booking system… the best ones to come to are any of the yoga classes taught by me (Anna) or any of the circles in red, again with Anna holding space….

We look forward to seeing what aligns 😊🧡

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