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Anne loves to move. She started dance classes at three years old and continued studying dance through university. During her studies at the University of Iowa, her interest in yoga peaked. She began taking hot yoga classes at a local studio and absolutely loved it! The room was dark, the sweat was dripping from her brow, and she could feel her muscles being challenged but also loosened up. Yoga went hand in hand with dance. The life of a dancer can be very difficult when it comes to self-esteem, body image, and confidence. Dancers are constantly in the mirror working on improving their technique and being corrected by their instructors. It was quite tolling on Anne’s mental health. Yoga offered a more loving environment where she could show up and appreciate what was already there and embrace it while flowing on the mat. The first yoga studio she joined had a diverse community, old and young, flexible and less flexible, athletic and just starting fitness… and that was so powerful. Yoga could bring all walks of life together and the instructors were able to make the classes accessible to all. She decided for herself, if she ever were to become a yoga instructor, she would strive to do just this – make sure everyone feels welcomed in her classes, understanding that everybody’s body is different, and variations of poses will always be offered. As she didn’t love her body very much through her dance years, she committed herself to a journey of self-love and healing and wanted to offer the same to those who crossed her path. Anne received her Hatha yoga certification in 2015 and has taught in Chicago, the Netherlands and now in London.

Anne teaches Vinyasa Flow & Sound Meditation on Thursday evenings and Gentle Yoga & Sound Bath on Friday mornings. She has a deep connection with the power of sound and loves sharing this with her community. Sound healing has the power to move stagnant energy in the body, release traumas, align the chakras, and much more. It brings the body into a higher vibrational state, impacting the body on a cellular level. She works with vocal toning and Light Language (soul language) and incorporates this into her classes. Join Anne in her magical classes that hold the power to transform your mind, body, and soul.

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