Fire 🔥 Flow 

Fire 🔥 Flow -

This is a short yet powerful lunch time yoga class to awaken your inner fire, boost energy and lift your spirit.

Based on Rocket Yoga sequence, it's a dynamic, invigorating and powerful Vinyasa Yoga class.

According to Ayurveda 10am-2pm is Pitta time, when we are at our most active, efficient and our metabolism is at its peak. As Pitta is a dosha of heat made of fire + water, it is the perfect time for mind and body transformation.

During the class expect to create inner heat through ujjayi (victorious) breath, activating your bandhas (energy locks), lots of asanas to strengthen your core and a relaxing shavasana at the end....all in 45minutes!

Will strengthen an already content back

Suitable if you've done yoga before