I would like to call myself a fine artist who bonds with nature to create a perfect rift in time.

My aim is to capture the humane side of people with the capacity of a lens and to encapsulate mother nature tending to her children.


Let's meet and see what wonders we can create.                


Love. Laura

Instagram account: @zotovalaura


We drink wine together and you teach me yoga, I photograph you, and you teach me how to love my stiff body


I'm so dazed by the beauty we created! So wired! Crazy nice.IIII'm 

Every day i feel so wrapped up in yoga, it makes me so happy to bend slowly a little more. Thank you Anna for bringing me back home to my body and my soul.

You know when you are on a roll, you are rolling. You can have it all and you feel great!.

They say every picture is worth a thousand words..........

I have none.......

there is no money and no words that can express or buy what Laura has created.

I will leave Laura's magic to tell you all you need to know about the inclusive power of yoga, the power of love, and the power of the individual us.......