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Q: Which of your teachers has influenced you the most...and why?

I have learnt under some amazing teachers (thank you Dylan, Sandra & Dulce) but I would say the teacher that has influenced me the most is Jenna. She was my first real teacher. One that I resonated with, that cared about more than the exercise, she took me deeper into the whole practice & supported me (still does!) in the yoga that takes place off the mat as well. I will always see her as my teacher & look up to her, even though she has become a friend along the way. She is powerful, honest & lives her own life, not anyone else's.    


Q: How would you like people to feel when they leave your class? 

Load of amazing things! But longer term I would love people to feel like  they are valuable, worthy & deserving to take up space. To live their own lives instead of the one's they think they are supposed to or have been told to by whomever.  Less fear & embarrassment, there are too many incredible people keeping themselves small & quiet. 



Q: What is one of your favourite inspirational quotes right now?

This changes on the daily depending what space I am in. But one that really made me stop & keeps coming back, was this excerpt from Daughter by Janice Lee - "Draw a monster. Why is it a monster?" 

You just have to sit with that. 


Q: What is your favourite posture/asana right now?

I'm a big fan of wild thing! It feels so powerful & elegant. It strengthens whilst stretching & I feel a big lift in my energy because of it. 


Q: If you could be any animal what would it be & why? 

If I could be an animal I would be an otter, they get the best of land & water. Quite independent but socialize & help each other out! They also are pretty nifty with thow they use their tools & interact with the environment. 


Q: What positive change would you like to see in the world right now?

A greater sense of community & care.  A collective conscious awareness of what we take & what we give back. 


Q: Are you pregnancy trained?

No, but one day. 

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Movement is medicine. I know it's cliche but it's true. Movement has helped me with my mental health. Yoga has taught me in ways I never could have imagined. You kind of have to live it to believe it. 
The physical yoga asana practice is a conduit for me to learn about how I show up off the mat. Not just about the poses and their health benefits.

Yoga to me is a union of movement and stillness, of strength and release. The dual nature of my sessions I believe allows for the best exploration into our dual nature as humans. We have highs and lows, light and shadow. Courage and fears. We can be hard and soft. We laugh, we cry. We want freedom and security. To turn off and be switched on.

I hold space for people who are serious about their practice but don't want their practice to be so serious all the time. Join me in a session to peel off your labels and let go of what's expected of you. Or what you expect of yourself. 

I have trained a total of 300 hours including Power Yoga, Mandala Vinyasa & Hands on Assists