Q: Which of your teachers has influenced you the most...and why?

A: I believe the teacher who first started me on this journey was Dylan Ayaloo. He introduced me to the power of our hearts & minds, and showed me a different way to be. A more empowered way. One where I took responsibility for myself & I left the way of the victim behind me and as I did, all sorts of opportunities started to open up all around.

He more recently taught me that ultimately as much as others can show us the way & guide us, our own lives are the responsibility of ourselves. we are the only ones who can heal ourselves, empower ourselves and know and live our own lives.

Our life belongs to us and us alone. There is immense strength in that knowledge.

Q: How would you like people to feel when they leave your class? 

A: Ohhhhh soooo much! The Yoga glow of course...(it's a thing!).......I would like them mainly to feel their body...to have (more of) an awareness of its capabilities & possibilities, its strength, it’s power & too its beauty.

I believe one of the bodies main aims is to heal itself...I would like them to feel, believe (& know) in the healing power of the body.

I want them to feel empowered, accepted, and aware of love, & how flipping awesome they are if they just accept & be open to it....... Then that knowledge that everything is going to be ok........really, it's all going to be ok......more than ok....sooo ok!

Q: What is one of your favourite inspirational quotes right now?

A: “Love is not a relationship, love is a state of being: it has nothing to do with anybody else.  One is not “in love” one IS love. And of course when one is love, one is in love. But that is an outcome, - a by product, that is not the source. The source is that one is love .”


Q: What is your favourite posture/asana right now?

A: Ha ha this is a silly question!! Like asking your favourite all time tune or movie..! It often changes depending on what I need in that moment...

However.....to do personally..Warrior II is a posture that always makes me feel like a female warrior of strength & power & beauty....the posture whispers (and sometimes screams ) of infinite possibilities and flow....Looking through that front middle finger to my future..I know I’m alive when I’m in warrior II.

To teach....I  struggle to teach a class without pigeon.... it’s such a great posture for bringing relief to the back... I know it helped shift my sciatica, and as it seems to get deep into the soas muscle it often creates emotional shifts too!! It’s a brilliant one!!

They all are really!! 

Q: If you could be any animal what would it be & why? 

A: Ha ha I love animals sooooo much! I’ve thought about this one before. I feel it would be a dolphin...they are free & wild & emotionally intelligent, they love & use their bodies for fun, for the sheer enjoyment of life.. They are graceful & love & look out for each other....I would love to share some of these incredible qualities of a dolphin 

Q: What positive change would you like to see in the world right now?

A: I would love to see people stepping into their power/love ....believing in themselves & using that power to look out for & care for themselves & others.... actually to be completely honest I would like us all to love and learn from animals instead of torturing & eating them...we have so much to learn... 

Q: Are you pregnancy trained?

A: No I’m not, however I am going to do the training soon... I hate missing out on this incredible process...

As soon as I left school I started working with people with a learning disability & on the autism spectrum. Originally in a voluntary sector and then I went on to work for Newham council for many a year.

During this time I had my babies and then went on to work for an incredibly inspiring human who showed me how it is more than possible to be female, effective and kind all at the same time. Thank you Sonja Elliot for starting me on my journey of belief in my unique self.

As cuts kept being made to the service & my love of yoga became too large to ignore I decided to train to teach yoga. I did the 500 hour British Wheel of Yoga. Since then I have gone on to do a Hot Power Yoga conversion along with Mum & Baby, Teen yoga, Yoga for  Autism, ADD & ADHD, Yoga for Toddlers, 


I opened The Space East with Rachel in 2016 and carried on my work with people wiho are neuro diverse ( massively uncomfortable with the labelling...much more, people who are authentically true, whom we have a flipping huge amount to learn from!)  This "work" involved sharing sessions filled with music and dance and yoga and trampolines and much noise, laughter and occasional swearing!

We opened the studio in the January 2016 and in the February I made myself a single mum with 3 kids, 3 dogs, a cat, 2 rabbits a young, small business, a humongous broken heart and a ton of debt. 

Many lessons were learned .  Yoga & community carried me through.

Five years on and I'm in a position to be able to give back to the age old practice of Yoga & a community that didn't let me fall when I thought it was inevitable and actually a bit of me felt a fall would have at least been a breather......!.

I am beyond grateful to be able to share yoga and love with you.

I have been teaching Yoga for over 11 years now, it has completely cured my back. pain which at times debilitated me. I decided I could live with Yoga daily or back pain daily...... I chose Yoga.....It's the gift that just keeps giving!!

Come, let me share it with you....

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