Welcome & love to you...... my name is Anna.

I used to co-own a yoga & pilates studio in Forest Gate. Over time the yoga flourished and we needed our freedom and our own space to spread our wings and soar......

We have found a space, It's flipping AMAZING!!!!

Currently All Our Classes are on zoom

We offer a range of classes designed to strengthen, replenish and empower body, mind and soul.

Start by stopping.....stretching, and become curious about life. We have Yoga for All.

We have a weekday Morning Wake Up, to set yourself up for the magical day ahead.

Or Push yourself further, & express with Power Yoga, Yoga Fire🔥Flow, Dynamic Flow, Ashtanga, Rocket to Yin, and slower flows....

Connect, uphold & support yourself and others with I Am Woman, which is followed by a Sister Circle to share and go deeeper.


I found my way to rejoicing in peoples differences by discovering our connections and similarities.

I have been blessed to have strong links through my lifes work, with people who are neuro diverse.

It is through this work and yoga, that I realised how much we have to learn from eachother.

I strongly believe that it is the disconnect (the feeling that we are somehow better or worse than another being) that causes much suffering and feelings of isolation. I also believe strongly that through acceptance of firstly ourselves and then others, that we get to taste real freedom. It is my intention to bring all of

my communities together through yoga, and music & dance & opportunity......so that we can share with eachother our unique incredible gifts and offerings.......We Are All Branches of the Same Tree

Stay with us.....it's not going to be long now, and I kid you not......... It's going to be magical, and amazing and incredible, and ground breaking & a beautiful wonderful thing and you are going to feel so very joyful & full of love when you enter & leave our special safe space........




Moulded by the community to bring health, fitness, flexibilty, love and acceptance for all living breathing souls...most definitely including you.

A space to learn and grow, practise gratitude and empower, yet also to