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Prana: "Life Force"


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Welcome to your very own Space, 

A space to be.......

Prana Space is a place where you can step away from it all.. You can step into a space that is all about acceptance. It's all ok...... You've got you.

You can awaken & discover the power in your own truth, through Yoga, through dance, meditation, music, sound, connection and yourself..

There are no judgments have a safe space to breathe, to calm, to empower & to get to know your body, your heart & your mind better....The most important relationship you will ever have.......Isn't it time to really have your back, honour your heart. and have your feet firmly connected to the Ground/Earth/ Mother Nature/Universe .....?

Here you are accepted, and if you’re willing to share with us....then you will find us more than willing & grateful to share with you.

We are all about authentic truth


Unite in love


You’ve found a space for you ...and your beautiful beating heart.

Welcome home.....


Respect & Love, Beautiful unique soul..



 * Workshops * Events * Moon Circles * Sharing Circles *

Events by Prana Space....

(These are events facillitated by Prana Space & can be booked through the booking system using passes bought through Legitfit)


* Workshops * Events * Circles *

*Sound Healing Through Expression with Cacao*


Anne and Anna have gained so much through expressing and healing through sound. The vibrations from the bowls and toning will reach you on a cellular level, giving your cells a nice little tune-up. Your experience may be something light and airy, or it could be something deep and intense. Everyone's experience is unique to them.


Join us for an interactive sound meditation journey like no other.  Unlike other sound baths, we encourage you to express alongside us through sound and movement, if you feel called to. Come and receive the abundance of sound. This is an invitation to receive. And if you feel called, this is an invitation to express. To feel it in your heart, body, and soul and we will guide you through the rest.

Space to be.


* Cacao circle

* Sound

* Expression

* Creation

* Connection

If you feel the call, come.


Sunday 7th
Sunday 28th May
Sunday 25th June
Sunday16th July 

*Feel free to email if you need any help.

* Self Love and Self Acceptance, Celebration Circle *

Step into a new level of self empowerment. 

*Next one coming soon...

* Healing Moon Sharing  Circles *

These occur once a month. Anna & Lilli are collaborating to bring much love & empowerment & a chance for you to look at how your life is flowing & offer tools to implement healthy conscious healing &/or change for the greater good into your life.

*Next one coming soon...

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