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Prana: "Life Force"




Welcome to your very own Space, 

A space to be.......

Prana Space is a place where you can step away from it all.. You can step into a space that is all about acceptance. It's all ok...... You've got you.

You can awaken & discover the power in your own truth, through Yoga, through dance, meditation, music, sound, connection and yourself..

There are no judgments have a safe space to breathe, to calm, to empower & to get to know your body, your heart & your mind better....The most important relationship you will ever have.......Isn't it time to really have your back, honour your heart. and have your feet firmly connected to the Ground/Earth/ Mother Nature/Universe .....?

Here you are accepted, and if you’re willing to share with us....then you will find us more than willing & grateful to share with you.

We are all about authentic truth


Unite in love


You’ve found a space for you ...and your beautiful beating heart.

Welcome home.....


Namaste beautiful unique soul..



 *NEW EVENTS Announcement*


SATURDAY 4th December 2021 (the last new moon in the year + solar eclipse in Sagitarius)

This Saturday we have a New Moon ceremony. 

Our New Moons are my personal favourites as, as well as letting go of what no longer serves, we also set intentions for going forwards. What with Christmas coming up, this could be a really good opportunity to help you stay on top at this time.

Bring a journal so you can write down all your dreams & desires & possibilities & opportunities, we will dream big, and as Vaida says, if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough!! 


We have been doing this for a while now & it’s wonderful & empowering to see the things that we have created & shifted through this beautiful practice, it’s pretty uncanny yet in a fabulous way how much strength can be born by taking some ownership for how you want your life to be, to reflect on what works & what you want more of & then to let go of what no longer serves. 

We will share, and meditate, and do a short yoga practice to get into our bodies, and we will journal, and laugh & see where that takes us & no doubt we will finish off with tea & dates & tahini!! Ahhhh life can be a wonderful thing… 


WEDNESDAY 15th December 18:00-22:00

This is now sold out.....We did warn you!! 

There are still some places on the waiting list, but we will be doing it again...AND....Look out for a woman's healing sounds in January....atm we are thinking of January 19th....


Also all is not lost. Antarma will be launching his single LIVE on 11th December, here is the link..

He has super kindly offered us half price tickets.......

(If you would like 50% off the ticket price, email us for the link)